What is Models & Moguls?

Models & Moguls is an elite social networking website for VIP Executives, Entrepreneurs, Socialites, Celebrities, Pro-Athletes and of course…Models.

Models & Moguls is the virtual Playboy Club for the New Millennium

There are two types of membership statuses on Models & Moguls:

Model Membership

Mogul Membership

Both are exclusive and of limited availability.

Model Membership is available to beautiful, engaging and classy Models and Socialites.

(Models may apply here)

Mogul Membership is available to Executives, Professionals, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs and Professional Athletes

Mogul Memberships are available only on a very limited basis as our research has determined that a particular ratio of Models to Moguls provides for optimal experience for all.

(Moguls may register here)

Models & Moguls is where Hollywood meets Wall Street meets Silicon Valley

Who are members of Models & Moguls?

  • Professional Athletes Doctors
  • Attorneys
  • Music Executives
  • CEOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Gold/Platinum/Grammy Recording Artists & Producers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Fund Managers
  • Film Producers
  • Movie Directors
  • Energy Executives
  • Sports Agents
  • Talent Agents
  • Pilots
  • Restaurateurs
  • Fashion Designers
  • Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Fashion Models
  • Print Models
  • Investment Advisors
  • Professional Actors/Actresses
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Investors
  • International Ambassadors

Anybody can have a Facebook/Twitter page. But not everybody can be a Model or a Mogul.

Why Would I Join Models & Moguls?

  • To meet other successful people.
  • To get to know beautiful Women/Men.
  • To stand out above the crowd.
  • To be recognized for accomplishments and ability.
  • To gain access into “small circles”
  • To make Friends, Mentors and Proteges

Models & Moguls separates The Real from The Pretenders

How Much is Model Membership?

Model Membership is completely free to Models with beautiful, exceptional and tasteful photo applications.

How Much is Mogul Membership?

$250 USD per month
$100 USD per Month (Sept 27th – Oct 15th 2013)

What Comes With Mogul Membership?

  • Full Access to all Models and Moguls members for social and high powered business networking.
  • Private Photo Gallery Access
  • Model & Moguls Messaging
  • Models & Moguls Activity Alerts
  • Professional Member Profile & Online Image Consulting

How do I Join Models & Moguls?

If you are a Model then apply here

If you are a Moguls then sign up here