Desert Rose: Lisa Song Sutton


Today we have the pleasure to speaking with the very beautiful and accomplished Model and Entrepreneur, Lisa Song Sutton. 

Hailing from Las Vegas, Lisa has quite a Modeling resume, and has done print, video and spokesmodel work for brands such as Maxim, FHM,, Ducati, Budweiser, Grey Goose Vodka and MTV Publications.

Lisa is going to answer a few questions and share some of her work.

M&M: Lisa, how old where you when you decided to become a model?

Lisa Song Sutton: I was approached by a major modeling agency while I was a college student at the age of 19. After signing with them I was able to work as a model throughout college and graduate school. I am so thankful for the amazing experiences and opportunities I have had so far.



M&M: Whats in your music play list right now?

Lisa Song Sutton: I have a fairly eclectic mix. On rotation my playlist includes Jay Z, Sinatra, Miley Cyrus and Etta James. Oh and some Smashing Pumpkins mixed in too. I love top 40, classical and hip hop.




M&M: Whats the best movie you’ve seen in past 2 months.

Lisa Song Sutton: Due to my very busy schedule I unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to go to the movie theater, however on my few rare nights to relax I love watching ESPN’s 30 for 30. I have all the seasons on DVD and am slowly working my way through them.


M&M: What was your favorite Modeling gig and why?

Lisa Song Sutton: My favorite modeling gig was the first time that I show for FHM. It was my first exposure to a high budget photoshoot, realizing that it definitely takes a team of people of professionals to make the cover girls look as they do.


M&M: Whats something about you, no one would expect?

Lisa Song Sutton: I hold several degrees and own multiple companies. I am also a classically trained flutist and tap dancer. I am a product of a true Tiger Mom (laughs).

M&M: So that would make you a Tiger Daughter. Who were some of your major influences when you first started in the modeling profession?

Lisa Song Sutton: One of my biggest industry influences is a dear friend of mine (and former Mrs. World!) Diane Denigris. She actually used to be my babysitter was I was 9 years old! She attended my same dance school and was my role model there. As we both grew older we began to spend more time together as peers and I think she is so inspirational. She is an accomplished model, professional business woman and pageant queen. I am thankful for our friendship and her mentorship.

M&M: Mrs. World was your babysitter? Wow. How hard is it to find gigs for models, especially paying gigs?

Lisa Song Sutton: I think if you are a free-lance model, unsigned, it can be very difficult to find legitimate, paying gigs. I am blessed to have a strong agency behind me (Wilhelmina).


M&M: In the past few years what have been some of your major accomplishments?

Lisa Song Sutton: I have been fortunate just in the last three months alone to land the covers of prominent publications including for MMA Uncaged magazine (UFC/MMA) in the United Kingdom and for MAXX Tuning Magazine (import cars) here in the US. I have been featured in Maxim, FHM and other widely known publications and I am so thankful.


M&M: What are some of your immediate goals and also some of your long term goals?

Lisa Song Sutton: Immediate goals, I look forward to continuing to grow and learn as a professional model. I am also a dedicated business woman and work full time as the Vice President of Business Development for a large, multi-state company.

In addition, I own several business in Nevada, the most known of which is an alcohol infused cupcake company that I started with a dear friend of mine, (and fellow model) Dannielle Michelle: Sin City Cupcakes. You can check it out at

M&M: Sin City Cupcakes? Sounds decadent. So Lisa, if a guy wanted to instantly impress you he must?

Lisa Song Sutton: Be smart, driven and polite. They seem like such simple characteristics but can be difficult to find.

M&M: Hear that guys? Smart. Driven. Polite…sounds simple enough. Any special shout outs that you would like to give?

Lisa Song Sutton: I want to thank you and your readers for your time! And of course my family, friends and supporters. I would not be where I am today without the immense support and love and I am so thankful.

M&M: Awww thanks Lisa. What are your social media links and/or names that our readers can contact you for questions or bookings?

Lisa Song Sutton: Absolutely! You can keep up with me at:



Instagram/Twitter: @lisasongsutton

M&M: And of course

Lisa it has been a real pleasure talking with you. Thank you so much for sharing with our readers and members.

You are as smart, composed and ambitious as you are beautiful…you are truly an example of a Model and a Mogul.

Some of you long time readers may remember that Lisa was the winner of our 2011 Model Challenge. We made a short video to honor Lisa’s accomplishment:


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