Lindsay Lohan: Late Nights Out

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Lindsay Lohan is out of jail and rehab, but a large part of the media is constantly keeping watch on the star to see if she returns to her wicked ways. The troubled star, who is on probation for a DUI case, has been spotted staying out past midnight these past few days in or around clubs.

However, Lindsay Lohan herself explains that she has been completely innocent in these cases at least and has merely been meeting up with friends. On the night of the Grammys, she was attending a Nivea bash and on midnight Thursday, was seen leaving Roosevelt Hotel with her friend Samantha Ronson.

Friday night saw her at Station Hollywood for the NBA All Star party and she was seen at Hollywood’s Hotel Cafe on Saturday to see her friend Ferras perform. The troubled star will be attending a hearing at court today to see if she can reach a settlement for a grand theft case with a plea deal.

Rumored to have agreed to star in the upcoming movie “Escaping The Game

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