Homeless French Billionaire Looks To “Realign” California

Nadine Coyle, Nicolas Berggruen, Lady Victoria Hervey, and Julia Verdin

Nicolas Berggruen, the French “homeless billionaire” is willing to put his money where his mouth is, in fixing the state of California’s budgeting and governance problems.

With a net worth estimated to exceed $2.2 Billion U.S dollars, Nicolas Berggruen made his fortune through hedge fund management and real estate.

Yet he has given up most of his home and most of his material possessions (except for his art collection and a private jet) to live out of hotels and advocate good government.

“…for me, possessing things is not that interesting. Living in a grand environment to show myself and others that I have wealth has zero appeal. Whatever I own is temporary, since we’re only here for a short period of time. It’s what we do and produce; it’s our actions that will last forever. That’s real value.”Nicolas Berggruen

Berggruen put up  $20 million to put together a bi-partisan, all star commission called The Think Long Committee for California which includes heavy hitters like:

  • Former Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice
  • Former California Governor Gray Davis
  • Google CEO Eric Schmidt

…just to name a few.

The Think Long Committee for California just released a statement saying they like part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan that “realigns” California so the local government has more power:

“The Committee believes that it is an encouraging and laudable sign of the seriousness of the new administration that it is tackling one of the key elements of reform — moving government closer to the people — while striving to balance the budget this year.”

Here’s “the homeless billionaire” talking to the “Shaky Hand Productions” camera:

Source – SFGate

Image – New York Social Diary

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