Would You Spend $200,000 For Art From A 7 Year Old?


Kieron Williamson is a 7 year old kid from Norfolk, England who, like most 7 year olds, likes to water paint.

Only thing is…Kieron’s paintings go for around 200Gs a piece.

You heard correct…$200 thousand dollars!

He’s already sold 33 of them….in 27 minutes at his latest show at Picturecraft Gallery, people were camped outside the gallery waiting for it to open.

Not only that, Kieron’s got 700 more people on a waiting list for his next finished pieces.

Would you drop $200Gs on a 7 year old’s art?

Check out some of his work?

So what you think now?

Any good?

Do you think this is the art of a 7 year boy or a publicity stunt?

What makes this doubly incredible is, that if this is the work of a 7 year old then not only is he a prodigy artist…but a 7 year old self made millionaire!

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