Naomi Campbell: Wicked Stepmother Or Wayward Cinderella


Okay if reports are true and Naomi Campbell gave Jessica White the door at her 40th Birthday Bash, for looking like a newer model…

After numerous incidents of slapping around personal assistants, housemaids and hairdressers and what not, Naomi is coming off like a real fairy tale villain.

And those blood diamonds don’t help either.

(Nothing says Evil Queen quite like Blood Diamonds.)

But lets try not to be so quick to judge.

Before we round up the villagers to drag Naomi out with pitchforks and flaming torches to drive a stake through her heart….

Lets consider taking her out, to The Village, for a steak and a heart-to-heart.

Metaphorically speaking.

What if Naomi Campbell is not the villain but a victim?

“Well how’s that?”, you might ask.

Well I wouldn’t try to explain it myself.

But Latoya Peterson of will, in her very thorough and insightful post…

Naomi Campbell, Sisterhood and Racism in Fashion

After reading Latoya’s article, I felt much more sympathetic towards Naomi Campbell.

Perhaps Naomi Campbell is really just a misunderstood, kinda bitchy Cinderella and the real Wicked Stepmother is the Fashion Industry.

Remember, there are at least 2 sides to every story.

Check out Ms. Peterson’s article!

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