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Cameron Diaz has been in the public eye for such a long time that we’ve sort of watched her grow as an actress and as a woman. She’s come a long way since her role in “The Mask” with Jim Carey. The blond beauty has since then graced covers of Vogue and Marie Claire as well as made women everywhere cry from her roles in chick flicks like, “In her Shoes,” with Toni Collette and, “The Holiday,” with Kate Winslet. Sappy ladies everywhere can indulge in her acting once again in the family drama, “My Sister’s Keeper.” So because Diaz is a remarkable actress, she just received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past June.

But Cameron is also an unbelievable dresser, that’s why she is my new favorite style star.

Cameron Diaz – Sexy


Originally from California, the beach babe that Diaz was born to be, her cool and casual style makes her the smart role model that she is for girls of every age group. She’s never too sexy for her own good and doesn’t seem to try too hard, she was born with style. For some reason, Cameron reminds me of a little girl who likes to play dress up and paint on her lips with her mother’s old tube of Chanel lipstick. She may be nearing 40-years-old, but her youthful spirit and graceful mind set keep this style star young at heart.


Of all the colors in the world, Diaz’s signature color seems to be white. To accept her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Cameron wore a dainty white dress with red pumps and a red belt by Oscar de la Renta. To the 64th Annual Golden Globes, Cameron donned a white Valentino gown with a black belt and to the 79th Annual Academy Awards she wore another white gown also by Valentino.


To the 2004 Cannes Film Festival she once again showed up in a winter white tea length dress by Louis Vuitton. She also wore a strapless white mini dress to the 2003 premiere of “Charlie Angels: Full Throttle.” And not to mention that last month to the premiere of, “My Sister’s Keeper,” Diaz wore a white asymmetrical mini dress by J Mendel.


She’s also been seen in numerous white tank tops under cardigans along with colorful pants and skinny jeans. But white isn’t all she wears. She’s been photographed wearing a simple pink summer dress with a yellow cardigan, a tweed blazer, silver flats, and let’s not forget her infamous gray sweater. I’ve seen her that many times, it’s like her security blanket. Even celebrities have items they can’t bear to be without.

Her airport style alone is enough to give her a star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


No matter where she goes, she looks like a million bucks. She’s always in a pair of form fitting jeans, never without a scarf, flats or gladiator sandals, a chunky coat, and a big bag to carry everything she needs.

Obtaining true Cameron Diaz style is not one bit a hard thing to accomplish. The idea is to feel comfortable but look sexy and on the go, all at the same time. She may wear a lot of white but she throws pops of color in her wardrobe too. Diaz has been seen toting around a roomy black YSL handbag that you can find for only $49 at in colors such as black, burgundy, and tan. Cameron is also a fan of colored jeans by J & Company. Forever 21 has an exact pair in the mint green that Diaz was spotted in for only $13.50.

Blond or brunette, stripes or polka dots, scarf or no scarf, Diaz pulls it together for any event, exercising, or just running errands. The actress has two claims to fame, being beautiful in movies and looking stylish on the streets. Cameron has quickly made her way within the top 10 style stars on my list. I used to think she was just another typical all-American girl. And now I see that she is and there’s nothing wrong with being sweet and sexy, that’s the fun loving and unique Cameron Diaz for you.

Cameron Diaz Topless



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