Meet Mastermind Behind 50-Cent’s Internet Empire


For all you aspiring Digital Moguls:

TechZulu’s Efren Toscano covers a very interesting interview of Chris “Broadway” Romero, the architect behind 50-Cent’s massively successful social networking project

50 and Romero use any means at their disposal (Ning, Twitter, etc.) to push and monetize 50- Cent’s brand.

In the interview Romero gives some interesting insights into 50-Cent’s modus operandi which should shed some light onĀ 50’s success over the years.

“He (50-Cents) does not stop working, he will outwork anybody in any given sphere that he’s a part of…perfect for a world thats always on…always connected.

Romero shares how both he and 50 share the value of taking cheap and readily available tools and using them in ways they may not have been intended . He gives examples of the similarities between Hip-Hop and Social Marketing with how “turntables were’nt meant to be scratched on, records were’nt meant to be sampled, light poles weren’t meant to be power outlets for blockparties”.

“[]…is a second phase of what he did in the first time of his career when he used the mixed tape circuit which is basically a by product of being able to record more inexpensively still at the core of it using technology to get your idea out faster, harder and wider then everybody else”

Yet at the same time, Romero emphasizes the importance of producing quality material, above and beyond what everybody else is doing.

To illustrate, he mentions how stepped up the viral web video game on web by releasing high quality, professionally edited clips while other rappers where still yelling in their web cams.

Hey, look…this guy is really sharp and if you are trying to use the web to get your own recording career, music label or modeling career off the ground it’s worth listening to the man who 50 listens to, for 10 minutes.

Check out video interview of Chris “Broadway” Romero by Amanda Coolong on

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